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County MapsClick picture above for coverage availability details is an essential tool.

  • Tax Maps
  • Property Data
  • Sales Data
  • Create Mail Lists
  • Interactive GIS Mapping
  • Deed Images
  • Census Data
  • Flood Maps
  • School Information
  • Aerial Photography
  • Many Search Options

    PropTools is Real Estate Information Service's premier product for researching the real estate database. It provides revolutionary features to anyone needing to search for real estate ownership and property characteristics.

    PropTools is unique. It is an internet-based program that allows you to search property records either geographically or based upon your text input. Here are just a few of the features of PropTools:

    • Simplified search process. Additional search fields, graphic map searches and saved searches are all standard with PropTools.

    • Search multiple counties, even statewide, in one search.

    • Targeted mailing labels and printed reports are a snap to produce.





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